Monday, 4 August 2014

Double Standards

I have them. You have them. You might not think you do, but you do. Everyone does.

This phrase has been going through my head a lot recently, in regard to myself and others. I was inspired to put needle to fabric though, after witnessing (and sometimes participating in) several conversations in short succession about feminism, rape culture and misandry. I understand that these are things often viewed subjectively. How could they not be? Talking to and about women who are victims of rape, sexual abuse and harassment, women who have been discriminated against because of their sex, women who are tired of women being portrayed as sexual objects in the media. These are very personal and emotive issues and of course we all bring our personal experiences and feelings to the table when we discuss them.

But here's the thing. These issues also apply to men. Perhaps not always on the same scale or in the exact same ways, but that does not diminish the seriousness of these issues. (In particular, to tell a male victim of rape that it is not as serious as when a female is raped. That's a special kind of awful right there.) To dismiss the thoughts, feelings and rights of one group of people is just as bad as dismissing them of another group of people. And if you think it isn't, well, that's a double standard.

As soon as I knew I wanted to stitch this phrase I had the image of double vision in my head, which quickly led me to red and cyan when choosing my colours. Opposing parts that should come together to form a greater image, but sadly do not.


  1. Yes guess we all have them and you are entitled to share what you like here it is after all your blog :) like your sign, you are very gifted. x