Monday, 10 March 2014

Do You Understand The Words That Are Coming Out Of My Mouth?

So. Um. Hi. How you doin'? It's been a while, huh? Like, a year or so. Yeah. Um. Are we cool? We are? Awesome.

So, over the last year at least I just hit a major crafting slump where I would start projects and lose steam pretty quickly. I currently have four WIPs on the go, and SO MANY IDEAS YOU GUYS that I'm forcing myself to ignore until I can finish some of what I've started, because let's face it, four WIPs is three too many, right?

But I actually finished something. Seriously. I know, I'm shocked too. I finished stitching a few weeks ago and just couldn't bring myself to frame it until today. (I hate framing and finishing. It's so tedious  -_-)

So you might not know, but I have excellent taste in movies. Seriously. I only watch the highest quality productions. And so I present this piece to you, inspired by 1998's Rush Hour starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

I was going to put this on my living room wall, but I might just carry it around town with me. (I'm just kidding. Well maybe just on weekends...)

So there you have it. Hopefully my next post won't be in a years time, but in case it's a while I'll leave you with an earworm, Dru Hill's How Deep Is Your Love. No one rocks a bedazzled visor like Sisqo. Wait, no one rocks a bedazzled visor.

Thanks for stopping by!
Emma x


  1. I love snarky cross stitch! I've never learned, but I think it's adorable. :)

  2. Great job, Emma! I love it! Also, that movie, classic!