Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Valentine's Day Stitchy Swap Part 2: Giving

So Valentine's day is (supposedly) about romance, right? And my swap partner is a bit of a Whovian. Let's do the math:
Romance + Doctor Who = The Doctor and River Song
I knew what had to be done. I had a vision. It was brilliant. I set to work on my pattern.  I researched. I tinkered. I toyed. And I failed. I just couldn't get what was in my head onto paper or computer screen, let alone onto fabric. But it was ok. I had another idea, another vision! More research, more tinkering, more toying. And again, I failed. Sort of.

You see the fabric I wanted to stitch on was a TARDIS blue, kind of spacey fabric. My go-to technique for pattern transfer is graphite paper, and that just wasn't showing up. So I tried dressmaker's transfer paper, which comes in whit, red, yellow and blue. Nope, none of those were showing up. My heat transfer pencils barely made a mark either. I decided my only option was to use Solvy, you know the clear stuff that dissolves in water? Well Solvy and I, we have a kind of a love/hate relationship going on. Solvy loves to be a bitch, and I hate to use it. But sometimes when things are just right, we can get in the zone, we can make it work. Nope, we couldn't make it work. The problem was my good friend, metallic floss. You see Metallic Floss and I are cool. We won't see each other for ages, but then we get together, have a few beers, coat ourselves in Thread Heaven and get stuck in like we've never been apart. Solvy took offense to this, and decided to sabotage everything. Slipping around, rubbing Metallic Floss the wrong way and then splitting. After my second attempt, I decided to dump Solvy. She was getting in the way of the good thing Metallic Floss and I have going. So I switched to a plain, cream fabric, and flipped the bird to Solvy as I shoved her back into storage where she shall remain until the next time I feel like being emotionally abused by an inanimate object.

If you've read this far then well done, thank you and sorry. I have a slight anthropomorphism problem.

So here it is.

It kind of looks like a surprised bear face. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

"Hello, Sweetie." in Gallifreyan text.
Kind of a palaver for a teeny 4 inch hoopla, but there you go. I have a special talent of making mountains out of molehills.

Thanks for stopping by!
Emma x

P.S. You can make Gallifreyan text too! Check out shermansplanet :)

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